Confronting Our Changing Winters

Confronting Our Changing Winters is the final report of a multiyear winter climate change synthesis project, led by scientists Alix Contosta, Nora Casson, and Sarah Nelson, and science engagement specialist Sarah Garlick. We convened a series of in-person, face-to-face dialogues with scientists, community members, business leaders, skiers, snowmobilers, loggers, land managers, and policy advisors in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Through these dialogues we learned about the changes in winter conditions people are seeing, on the ground, year in and year out, and we learned about the specific winter conditions that matter to people who are making decisions about annual budgets, snowmaking plans, logging operations, trail building techniques, invasive pest control, and more. We also convened a series of scientific meetings with environmental experts whose careers are dedicated to understanding changing northern forests.