Rocks and Minerals of North America

Pocket Guide coverI’ve been in touch with the folks at National Geographic Books for years, ever since my first book Flakes, Jugs and Splitters beat a National Geographic title for a Banff Mountain Book Award. We finally got a chance to work together with the Illustrated Guide to Nature project, which spun off into this Pocket Guide. I had a great time pulling together interesting facts, tips, and photographs about common field geology in North America. My favorite part of the book is the section on Structures and Landforms—it talks about landscape-scale features that are fun and often easier to observe than individual rocks and minerals. —SG

Released April 1, 2014: This basic beginner’s field guide to North American geology helps anyone identify common rocks, minerals, gems, fossils, and land formations. In a logical, user-friendly, highly visual format, this new title–one of an expanding collection of National Geographic pocket guides–offers key facts about dozens of rocks and minerals, how to hunt and identify them, where and how to go looking. The book also pictures and explains the fossils most likely to be found and the fundamental land and rock formations in the North American landscape. With 160 entries, formatted with clear language, key identification points, carefully chosen photographs, and expertly drafted illustrations, this guide is the perfect starting point for anyone, young or old, interested in the study of rocks and geology.

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