Tale Of A Phoenix: Rock and Ice

A nice Letter to the Editor regarding my feature article profiling climber Tom Gilje in Rock and Ice Issue 155:


Sarah Garlick’s article on Tom Gilje [“Flight of the Phoenix,” No. 155] is an excellent “must-read!” I hope to read more of her articles in the future. I feel it’s also good for young readers to realize the roots of the climbing community. Our unsung heroes are human: They make mistakes, learn from them and then move on with their lives and discover their passion for climbing in a new way. People make this sport, and it is our responsibility to support each other. I hope to see Tom and his son Kyle out cranking on the mysterious granite we call the Needles. There is nothing radder than climbing with your old man. Mine is still my number-one partner.

Also, the new, larger format rules! Now, let the shredding continue.